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Welcome to our Department!

Department Staff: 1 Professor, 4 Associate Professors, 2 Assistant Professors, 1 Senior Laboratory Technician.

Subjects and Courses of Study:

  • "First Premedical Aid";

  • "Side Effects of Drugs" (Pharmacy);

  • "Side Effects of Drugs" (Dentistry);

  • "Drug Therapy";

  • "Factors and Mechanisms of Pharmacological Activity and Toxicity";

  • "Interaction of Drugs";

  • "Drug Toxicology";

  • "Clinical Pharmacy";

  • "Using of Medicines in Clinical Practice”.

Way of Learning:

  • full-time;

  • correspondence.

The students of the following academic units study at the Department:

  • Faculty of Pharmacy;

  • Faculty of Medicine;

  • Faculty of Dentistry;

  • International Students' Faculty.

The students study in the following specialties:

  • Pharmacy;

  • Physical Therapy, ergotherapy;

  • Dentistry.